Who We Are

Having this in mind, we specialize in personalized services- for our Training programs, Pack PlayCare services and StayCay private boarding service, by limiting the number of dogs to just Five per day.

Our training philosophy combines a balance of praise, motivation and fair & effective correction. This approach is particularly effective because the training adjusts throughout each individual program and is designed to build mutual trust and respect between you and your dog. We incorporate communication and reward based techniques (not just treats) that are natural and effective to dogs so we are speaking their language.


Our private training programs are one on one and designed with you in mind! There shouldn't be a one size fits all training program when behavior is concerned and not all breeds are alike. Our private training programs are structured to meet your specific goals and are focused around your dogs breed, temperament and personality as an individual. 

Specializing in Behavior Modification, and while many behaviors occur in the home, another location or other circumstances, these behaviors are learned behaviors because dogs aren't automatically born with "bad" behaviors. We teach you how to understand certain behaviors and tailor a program while working with you in the to correct the learned behaviors.

As an AKC approved trainer, we also offer small group lessons in manners and obedience, S.T.A.R. Puppy, in addition to working dog training such as Service Dog and Therapy Dog work. Email for more details.

Meet Your Team


Ever since she was a young girl, Nicole Bostic has had a love for and an understanding of all animals so she made it her passion to work with them on various levels throughout her life. From the age of fifteen she worked in a Veterinary Hospital as a kennel assistant learning basic animal husbandry procedures while also volunteering at local wildlife centers assisting with avian recovery efforts. Nicole even risked her life to rescue an abandoned dog from a major freeway and helped raise funds to have the dog's major reconstructive surgery. Her passion for dogs and cats began in 1995 where Nicole launched a successful petsitting, dog walking and dog training business for 20 years in California before moving to Washington in 2007. Nicole holds a Bachelors degree from Central Washington University in Interdisciplinary Studies and worked on various behavioral research projects while earning a Masters Degree in Education from Central Washington University. Nicole is an active participant in local charities, a member of APDT, IAABC, BBB Affilliate with an A+ rating and a volunteer at Auburn Humane Society.

Nicole teaches AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy group classes in addition to Manners group classes and specializes in Behavior Modification. You will find Goji, her Belgian Malinois working alongside her during some training sessions and during PlayCare and StayCay days.

Nicole Bostic

Behavior Consultant, Owner

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