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Puppy Playdates

Your puppy should start socialization with a total positive experience with other puppies to shape them into a well adjusted, confident dog. Great for exercise and supervised "Pack Play" by the professionals whilst your pup learns better socialization skills and you learn how to read their body language when engaged in active play. Small groups of puppies 3mo to 10mo. of age.  When the weather is nice, they get to romp around in the 1/4acre gated and fully fenced play pen area or the front park area. When it's not so

nice outside, you and your puppy have the inside to play around.

Sunday's 10:30-11:30 

**Drop-ins accepted. Records of current Vaccinations and Negative Parasite Fecal Result submitted prior to playdates and kept on file. 


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Coming June 2022

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