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Hot Dog Heat

With record heat climbing into the triple digits around the Puget Sound area this weekend don't forget that our four legged companions are as easily effected by the heat if not more. If you have an air conditioned home it's a good idea to keep your furry friends inside with you and wait out the heat to take them for walks. The best time for walks during the heatwave times are usually in the dawn and dusk hours. If you're not as fortunate to have an air cooled home, try and find a good cooling spot and go on a day trip out to the waterfront or the beach, a shallow river or to the lake to do some swimming. if you're concerned about safety for your dog, you can find great flotation devices at your local pet stores and online; just be sure to properly fit them to your dog.

I often get questions about walking dogs on the pavement when it is hot out and I have walking booties for my dog to wear if we are in a situation where we absolutely have to be walking on the blacktop areas particularly. Mostly, I just put my hand down on the pavement or blacktop to test the temperature and if the surface is to hot for my hand then it's going to be to hot for your dog's paws to walk on and we don't want to burn the pads of their paws!

When you're going on car trips and your furry companion is inside the car, please remember to not leave them inside unattended in the car during this heatwave or during any summer heat. The inside of a vehicle is like an oven even with the windows rolled down, the temperature inside your vehicle is at least 10 degrees hotter than outside of the vehicle. If you have errands to run, they will be better left at home. Keep yourself and your pets hydrated with plenty of water also and keep exercise to a minimum to not over exhaust yourself or your dog. Have a safe and great weekend!

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