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StayCay Boarding

What's great about boarding with us? We're a home away from your home and your dog(s) will be part of the family. We're fully fenced in on a private setting with acreage and a home for personalized care, training, and attention for your dog. We don't book a lot of dogs at one time to ensure quality attention is given to your dog to foster and maintain positive behavioral outcomes. Our environment is a quiet, serene and safe environment while in the care and supervised socialization of the trainer's dog and other pets.

We're Better Business Accredited, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind.


1 Dog $55 per Day                                    

2 Dogs $110 per Day

3 Dogs $145 per Day

4 Dogs $200 per Day

*New Client Pre-Board Assessment $25 

*Rates Based on per household

No additional charge for medications or special food requirements


To ensure your dog will be a good fit with others, we require a temperament assessment prior to booking for all new clients. Please allow up to three weeks prior to your booking dates to ensure availability.  
Current vaccinations required with a 60 Day Fecal Negative Parasite proof test prior to stay and Flea Treatment proof or receipt from Veterinarian

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