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Our private training programs are one on one and designed with you in mind! There shouldn't be a one size fits all training program when behavior is concerned and not all breeds are alike. Our training programs are structured and re-evaluated during each session to meet your specific goals and focused around your dogs breed, temperament and personality as an individual. 

Private Session Rates:

Regular Hourly Rate: $120.00* / $95.00* at Facility

Additional Dog Rate: $40.00*

Behavior Modification Rate: $140.00* / $125* at Facility

High Level Aggressive Dog Rate: $165.00**

Additional Package rates available in our Pricing section

**High risk additional handling fee to be applied to each session as determined by trainer if necessary


Play & Train:

Play & Train is a great way to teach your puppy or dog new skills when you are working

Skills we work on can vary from basic training, socialization, potty training, advanced social interaction, and much more.

With this hands-on approach your dog will be picked up during the mid-day and your trainer will take your dog to local parks, pet approved businesses and pet stores to name a few, to gain leash skills and socialization along with exercise. An alternative to day care, your dog will be with a trainer for 2 hours learning skills and getting exercise and mental stimulation when you are away or at work. 

Due to the special nature of Play & Train, we require an assessment prior to booking and days and times are limited.

The Play & Train program requires payment in advance to guarantee your weekday booking and is subject to trainer discretion. 

JumpS.T.A.R.t Puppy Class: Starting in June 2022!!

Puppy Class - Two classes offered- $240 for six consecutive week class

Tuesdays @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm / Thursdays @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm 

With a heavy emphasis on socialization, this class teaches manners, basic obedience cues, responsible ownership,   Your puppy will be evaluated to receive a ribbon and completion certificate at the end of the 6 week series.

Space limited to 5 dogs per class.

Advance registration required and limited spacing. You will be enrolled for 6 consecutive weeks. This class is for dogs 4 months to 11 months.

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